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Vital Information For Your Success in 2018

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A very important Newsletter today. If you understand the following you will have a great future and a successful 2018
1. Gold up 5% in 30 days
Below is the gold price in the past month. You have not seen this on the news because governments do not want a run on the banks.
60% of all the worlds gold is held by central banks. (see image below)

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2. Gold does this every year

Gold gives and average return of about 10% every year depending on your currency. (See image below)
Gold has never lost its purchasing power against any currency in over 2000 years!
Your bank gives you how much interest? 1%/2% ..Less??
Lets join the dots..
The public save in banks, banks buy gold and get 10%.. They give the customer 1% .. And the public don't have a clue.
Why not?
Banks run governments, governments write school curriculums, (Cirricula), so no child in the western world will ever learn about gold in school.
Get into University (debt), Get a credit score (debt), Get a good job (pay more tax), get a house (debt).. That's what we are taught because debt is what keeps the banks happy.
I got my first education in money when I watched my first Karatbars video at 35 years old.
My mission is to share the truth with as many people as possible.
From this month not only can people save in gold but they can transfer it via Karatpay and spend it through the Karatbars K-exchange network.

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3. Get as Much Cash and Free Gold As You Want From Karatbars

It's as easy as a, b, c

a. Register as an affiliate
b. Complete the five steps
c. Share Karatbars with other people
I started saving 1gram (57), a month in 2013, this month I saved 40 gram (€2000) As I earn more I save more.
My income increases every month as my team grows regardless of my own efforts. I do this now because I want to help people.
"Ok Brian... If its so easy why do so many people give up?"
The blunt answer is:
1. They don't complete the five steps on the dashboard and still expect the system to work for them.
Remember that can see every person in my downline and if they have completed the steps.
Those who have completed the five steps do well. The ones who haven't don't. Its that simple.
Myself and other leaders created the five steps as we know they brings success. We want you to be successful.
Following a system isn't about questioning it.. You don't need to see the whole staircase to take the first step.
2. Unrealistic expectations.
Let me explain it like this. Remember I have been in 100% commission sales for over twenty years selling everything from vacuum cleaners to advertising and property.
90%+ of people you talk to won't be interested in ANYTHING you are selling.
Let that sink in.. Over 90%
That's at least 90 people out of every 100 who will say "looks like a scam, video too long, how do I turn it into cash, I can buy gold cheaper" etc etc etc..
They are all just "NO'S" dressed up..
And you ARE going to get 90 of them for every 100 people you speak to!
You can get emotionally involved with those 90 or in the 10. You can use all your energy on the 90 or on the 10!
You can try and convince 90 and have no enthusiasm left for the 10 when they come.
The secret to being successful in sales is to preserve ALL your energy, positivity and enthusiasm for the 10 and never ever get affected by anything the 90 say or do.
Focus on finding the 10 as quickly as possible.
In nearly every case where someone has given up on their business its because the person has let the "nos' influence or get to them.
People buy gold with Karatbars, they keep it in storage or get it delivered, you get paid every Friday.
It won't be the product or company or lack of support that makes you give up on Karatbars.
It's all about how you look at things

I will use the USA as an example but remember we are in 125 countries.
There are over 200 million adults in the USA (50 million UK)
Lets say you ask all of them today to watch your Karatbars video. (I so wish I could find a way to do that.. I'm working on it!)
90% won't be interested.. We know that.
Lets go further and say 99% are not interested.. Just 1% want to save the minimum of €50 per month.
You will have 2 million people in your organisation, your business will be turning over €100 million per month and you will be earning at least €6 million per month plus thousands of cycle payments.
Even though 248 million people said no to you!
What does this tell you?
If you can ignore the no's and increase your speed it is statistically impossible for you to fail.
I hope this gets your brain thinking...
The Need For Speed
All you need to do is drastically INCREASE the amount of people you ask and introduce more SPEED into how you do it.

Speed gives you, (and your referrals), urgency, enthusiasm, excitement, momentum, growth and ultimately success.

When I was building my business in 2013 I asking 50+ people a day to watch a Karatbars presentation. I worked so fast that when people got back to me they had to remind me who they were.
Karatpay App Is Launching in Two Weeks!

There has never been a better time to get people enthusiastic and motivated since 2011.
We are about to see a massive growth in numbers, a huge growth in people knowing about Karatbars and I KNOW we are going to have 100,000 people in our group alone.
I know we will because I have decided we will! I won't give up until it happens.
How many of these do you want in your downline? Let me help you build a successful organisation.
Track Your Progress!
How quickly can you ask 100 people to check out your landing page, watch my video or go to a live webinar?
If I offered you one million dollars to do it by midnight you could do it by midnight.. We both know that's true.
Its never about time for anyone... Just priority.
Hows about five weeks?
Repetition will help you get some speed. Print off the picture below or mark out 100 squares on a page and fill them in.
Give it a go and send me your sheet every week. Its a useful tool because it will show how much you are really doing compared to what you think you are doing.
Keep it simple.. Less words more speed.
"Hi xxx, If I sent you a video would you take a look and let me know what you think? I need an answer from you today as its launching next week!..
Next person... Speed...If they are interested they will register and you will get an email.
If you want some people to talk to try HERE ($15 for 100 contacts)

Join Free Now!

Over to You

There is nothing more simple than Karatbars.

Complete five steps, show video, complete steps, show video.
There is no better gold than 999.9 24kt with the security features we offer.
There is no better support in any other business.
There is no better mission for your soul than giving people freedom and educating them on a better way to save.
If we can teach enough people in this generation to save this legacy can be passed to the next.
My four children will know what it took me 35 years to find out!
There are now 13,500 people in my group so if you need some help make yourself known to me.
I have big plans for you and our team in 2018!!
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