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Papaya seeds organic NON-GMO 12 pack/lots

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Get over 100 papaya seeds per pack (.5 oz 15 gr) right now and save. 100% organic hermaphrodite non GMO NO insecticides or chemicals whatsoever used on our produce. Sweet papaya strait from the Spice Isle Grenada. Keep refrigerated for extended storage: will last years. Fresh seeds packed in May 2016 and available in the U.S.A. See our other seeds and natural products.

"Solo" Varieties
One of the oldest groups of papaya cultivars originated from a variety called "Solo", that was produced in Hawaii in the early 1900's. The original "Solo" plants had scant numbers of small fruits, but later cultivars have been greatly improved. For example, "Kapoho Solo" and a dwarfed version called "Dwarf Solo" produce pear-shaped, yellow-skinned fruits with sweet orange flesh, each weighing between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds. Another variety in this "Solo"-derived group is called "Waimanalo," and has sweet fruits that last especially long in storage.

Soil for Planting

They grow in all varieties of well-drained soils.
If the soil is excessively saturated, they can become sick.
The preffered soil for papayas is loamy soil.


Prepare a hole twice as big as the container where the tender tree is growing.
Mix a little manure and compost into the soil that you removed from the hole.
Remove the nursery plant from the container. Once using a plastic container, pierce it at the side.
Do not tamper with the roots.
Centralize the tree in the hole: while filling the hole with the soil, hold it upright, keeping the base, in level with the surrounding ground.


The papaya has a limited need of water.
In dry weather if you water papaya every fortnight, they will yield bigger fruits.
However if you do not give sufficient water, the flowers will wilt.
In order to prevent stagnation of water in the clayey soil, prepare a ridge and plant your papaya on it.
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