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The Rich Jerk - A Sneak Peek!

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The Rich Jerk
An Un-Authorized Sneak Peek.

Are you considering The Rich Jerk? Are the claims The Rich Jerk touts true?
I am going to give you a rare sneak peek into The Rich Jerk...and I don't care how upset The Rich Jerk gets!
Sneak Peek of The Rich Jerk right from the book:
- The Rich Jerk begins with no haste on the six ingredients he uses to write a sales letter...I have heard and used most of them...but the first ingredient he uses is absolutely ingenious...if you have been marketing for any time you know this in the back of your mind...but you will be using it with crystal clarity once you read his recipe in The Rich Jerk. Not only can you implement this in your sales letters, but also your ads, newsletters or face to face sales.
- Next in The Rich Jerk he dives into his pay per click strategies...this area is like the rest of his book there is an ingenious nugget about how to make your ads stand out and smear the rest of your competition on the page...I have used this with tremendous success after reading The Rich Jerk! For me...this one nugget is worth the whole price of the book! Just since the two weeks I purchased The Rich Jerk I have done over $7800 dollars in Clickbank product sales...and NO that is not sales of The Rich Jerk! This is nearly triple what I normally do!
(See proof Below)
-The Rick Jerk adsense strategies...ok...I am going to let the cat out of the bag on this one....what he recommends is what is called traffic arbitrage...which is buying traffic cheap from one source and selling it high from another...for example paying for .05 clicks at Miva sending that traffic to your Google Adsense page where you get .21 cents per click...I have been using this strategy before The Rich Jerk...and I do very well...but not many people know about this this was not good news for me that he was letting the cat out of the bag...but this is great news for you if you are not doing this right now...because I can put up a page in about an hour and add $300 a month to my income...virtually for life!...traffic arbitrage is really that easy!
-The Rich Jerk search engine optimazation me this section was worthless. Here it is in a couple lots of links...and use a $1700 black hat search engine cloaker? Horrible!
- The Rich Jerk on selling your own product...some very good tell it like it is advice on what products to develop!
- Ebay - I do not sell on I'll be brief...basically this section is a listing of where he gets his wholesale products...I do know that these types of catalogs for sale are usually complete rip a recommendation from The Rich Jerk who makes millions holds a lot of weight with me.
-The rest of The Rich Jerk - Are mostly his recommendations on what is hot right now...great info for you to make a lot of easy money by combining his other strategies...he then delves into the world of High Yield Investment Programs...Known as HYIP's...I steer clear of any HYIP's...I want to control my own destiny thank you. At the very end he has a very good supplemental for anybody that is new to the web....I have not seen such a good concise guide ever!
All in all...I say The Rich Jerk lives up to his claims...I bought The Rich Jerk two months ago and have already made my money back a hundred (no exaggeration) times over! I have bought dozens of programs and never have I made my money back with dividends this huge ever!
Rather you are new to the internet or an old and follow The Rich Jerk and you can make $25,000 dollars a month given some time...more than likely you will add an immediate $1000 to $2000 income in your pocket a month if you get to work immediately!
Get The Rich Jerk Now!
Buy The Rich Jerk thru my link and I will include a very special bonus of my own...How You Can Get Your Ad or Message On Google Free...and within a week...I have only let a small handful of people know about this...and it totally blows them away when they see their ad on Google...and they are really floored when they start making money with zero investment...I am not going to sell this information ever...but I have decided to let you in on my little method if you purchase The Rich thru my link...this compliments the course very well...My wife has started calling this method...My "Bum Marketing Method"...because I said I could show this to a "literate" bum off the street and he could start making some money in a week.
So Grab the Rich Jerk ...I will receive your email when you purchase and I will send you free what my wife is calling my "Bum Marketing Method"
Thank You Very Much,
Travis Sago


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