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Easily Fake Clickbank Earnings Snapshot

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Clickbank Earnings Snapshots can easily be faked Don't be Scammed

Don't be scammed by Fake Earning Snapshots like one below

But, the only thing that really get anyones attention….and drive them down to that “Buy Now” button is this:

Even an idiot to the internet can fake that screenshot

Look, I just did it and I am not that computer literate at all

So, now let me ask you something….

How do you feel right now? Are you interested in One Week Marketing? Do you want to get our hands on that simple weekly marketing plan that will get YOU earnings like that?

Think I would make sales?

Sadly, I would….. and I’d be the biggest liar in history.

I might end up being a very RICH liar…but still a liar none-the-less.

Folks, I am a tech-IDIOT. I can barely make graphics that are even kinda good. But guess what? I managed to edit my Clickbank screen shot up there in about 2 MINUTES.

It is sadly VERY VERY easy to do.

Do not fall for the emotional response a earnings screen shot gives you when deciding whether or not to buy an online marketing aid or system. Emotional triggers will send your credit card WAY over its spending limit before you even know what happened to you.

Know what else is really sad?

There are plenty of ethical marketers working online that ARE honest. Yes, people like me. I DO follow my own One Week Marketing Action Plan….and it DOES work. And, quite frankly, I am REALLY proud of my REAL Clickbank account.

However, it does NOT look like the one above. Well, not quite yet, anyway =)

Click Here to View the One Week Marketing Action Plan to be followed Week by Week

Keep working at it and success will come

Don't be Scammed by Fake Earning Screenshots

Click Here

Clickbank Earnings Snapshots can easily be faked Don't be Scammed

Don't be scammed by Fake Earning Snapshots like one below


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