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How To Flip A Truck

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Why Flip A Truck?
You might be wondering why I used the title “how to flip a truck” and not “car”. Well there
is a reason for that, and I’m going to share it with you right now. When you first start out
you can’t be picky. You need to take the first running vehicle you can get your hands on if
you have no money. You can find a free item to trade or flip for your first vehicle, and it
might not be a truck. Just any decent drivable running vehicle that you get for free or trade
will do to start. However when you have a budget of $300 or more to start with, you can be
a little more picky.
You might think $300 won’t get you a truck, but that’s not true. You may need to "work" on
your bargaining skills, and you will need to learn how to accept a “no” without getting
discouraged. There is a truck out there for you, just be patient and don’t stop searching your
local classifieds, web sites and any other source you can buy cheap used vehicles.
That being said, stay away from dealerships all together. They are in the business of making
money off cars too, so it’s counter productive to try to buy a vehicle or sell a vehicle to
professional car sales people. You won’t make any money, or at least not nearly as much.
You want to look for a truck that has good “all round” abilities, so it appeals to more buyers.
The wider the net you cast, the more likely you’ll make a quick sale. So you need to pick
vehicles that sell themselves to be successful, and I will tell you which ones I use. However
if you want to be unique and pick something else, just be sure it falls into the criteria of a
good vehicle to flip. Here’s what to look for.
1. Can carry boxes
2. Can seat 5 or more people
3. Has an automatic transmission
4. Has a bumper hitch or frame mounted trailer hitch
Now, the obvious choice is a pickup truck, and that is what I prefer to use for flipping.
Why? Because they can haul boxes, hockey gear, firewood, camping gear, bikes, groceries,
furniture, pull trailers of all types, and get you to "work" on time. That’s a pretty wide
audience to sell your vehicle. Most small cars are more specific in what they can do and not
only that but there are so many out there for sale it makes it tougher for you to sell yours.
This is why I prefer to flip pickup trucks for cash. You can get them dirt cheap, they sell fast
and there is always some profit as long as you get a good deal to start with. I personally stick
with the F series Ford pickup trucks. They have been the number one seller in Canada for
47 years running, and there’s a reason. Follow the trends to make money faster !

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