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Four Well Written MLM Follow Up Emails You Need...

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I have four follow up letters you can start using right away if you like them.

These follow up letters don't read like a pitchy sales letter and there's no hype in them either. You want to stand out in your lead's Email Inbox by being different. They get bombarded everyday with junk spammy hyped up emails that they delete immediately WITHOUT reading them first!

Instead standout from the crowd by sending your list follow up emails that are interesting to read. Send them follow ups that make a very good point, or read like a Story to perk their interest.

Are You Tired Of Being Exploited...

Hello Network Marketer,

We live in frightening times. Workers spend all their lives paying into a pension fund only to see it bargained away to increase corporate profits. Even Social Security is threatened with elimination.

Meanwhile, the cost of living rises and inflation-adjusted wages keep dropping. And that's for people who still have their jobs. The unemployment rate keeps going up, but it would go up a lot more if it counted people who used to work full-time for good wages and now work part-time for less than half their previous salary.

How are you supposed to save up for retirement in times like these? How do you even know you'll be able to retire? And forget old perks like paid vacations.

Those got left behind in the last century. Okay, now you're mad as hell and you don't want to take it anymore. But how can you fight back against a system that leaves ever more people out of work and takes advantage of those who are still working?

If you want to take control of your destiny and create your own future, here's how. This isn't just more empty hype, it's a real opportunity, your chance to quit slaving away to provide someone else a comfortable life and start making your own dreams come true instead.

The following flash presentation will show you how to start making the money you deserve. Watch It Here:

[Video Link Here]

Once you've listened to all the information, contact me so I can help you get started building your new, better future right away.

Keep pushing forward,

[Your Name]

SUBJECT LINE: It’s Bad Luck To Be Superstitious...


Depending on chance for your success is not a good business strategy. That’s just gambling. Gambling is something we need to give up.

Sadly, gambling addiction hotlines would do so much better if every fifth caller was a winner. But that’s never going to happen. So why do people treat network marketing like a lottery? Join up, see if it ‘works’ and then quit when they don’t hit the jackpot? Why?

Because they are hoping it will be ‘the one’. The one. The one that works. But what does that mean, the one that works? It’s the one you can do. By that I mean the one where there is a proven method that you can follow that produces results.

Too many companies put all their energy on the front end luring people inside, and leave the training room as bare as a pharaoh’s bone in the London Museum of Archeology. That’s not the way it is here in COMPANY WEBSITE.

We do things differently. We have different priorities. We like to show the inside to those outside. We want you to know about our training. Why? Because we’re proud of it. If you’re not happy with your bank balance you need to call me. We need to talk.

You need to see our program our training program. You’ll see why we are so different. You’ll see why you can succeed. Give me a call now. I’m here and I want to listen to you.

Never give up,


SUBJECT LINE: You Know, Some People Can Have All The Lights On And Still Be In The Dark...


Being in the dark. That was my story... It was how I felt in my last network marketing business. There was a joke going around about my upline.

The joke was that as soon as you hit submit and joined, that concluded your training. I mean, everyone figured you had training in your last company and expected you to run after your old downline and ‘bring ‘em over’. OUCH! Or they thought you had your own personal trainer.

The only member of my family with a personal trainer is the dog. It wasn’t just me that was lost, I spoke with a lot of sideline members and they were lost too. It’s too bad, because I liked the products that company had.

But having a good product is not the only key to being successful in today’s fast paced world, you need a good mentor. You need someone to sponsor you that knows what they are doing. That’s is why you will love the mentorship we provide here in COMPANY WEBSITE.

No one left behind. So if you feel like your previous company’s training was as useful as a paramedic at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, give me a call. I’ll show you something that will make you smile.

You’ll smile because you will be happy. You’ll be happy because you will see the path. The path that is clearly marked and makes sense.

Better then sense, it also makes dollars. If you’re looking for a sponsor that believes in mentoring, and a company with the same feelings, call me now.

I’m here and ready to show you how it works. There is no time like NOW to get started. Not tomorrow, not next week, not ‘soon’. Now.

Keep pushing forward,



SUBJECT LINE: Never Ask Directions From A Starfish...


Have you ever found that sometimes you get so many conflicting ‘methods’, trainings and promises for networking success that just keeping track of them keeps you busier than a centipede at a toe counting contest?

You and I both know that training is key to early success in building a profitable business in networking. But what about all that inconsistent training?

That’s no help.

Friend, that’s why you’ll really love COMPANY WEBSITE! Not only is the training solid, but it’s consistent. Clear, direct, targeted and available from day one.We use a system approach that makes it simple to succeed from the get go.

If you are like me, you are a hard worker. Putting out effort was not your problem. It was knowing WHERE to put that effort! That’s why you need to see what we see about COMPANY NAME. The training is not left to chance. It’s not a gamble. It’s not about ‘buying leads’ and hammering random strangers on the phone.

What we do is follow a system that works and is simple to follow. It’s what sets COMPANY NAME apart from the crowd. Real mentorship. Give me a call and a chance to show it to you.

It’s time you made your money back, and a lot more to boot! COMPANY WEBSITE Get in touch with me now.

All my best,



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