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$1.25M Net Profit. FDA Approved. Territories

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Ad expires: 114 days
Price: $150000
We seek a Non-Doctor Owner Operator in the Fort Meyers Area (ANY MANY other MARKETS) for an incredibly lucrative Impotence Clinic. This letter will give you a general overview of the market, our unique product and our business plan.
I must emphasize that we are only working with one individual and one clinic in each market on an exclusive territory basis. So, based on high demand, you may have to be willing to consider a different market and possible relocation if your home city is not available by the time this information reaches you.
Studies show that more than half of all men over age 40 suffer from problems in getting and maintaining an erection. That percentage rises rapidly to 70% when men hit age seventy and above. Remarkably, 90% of all cases are caused by physical factors usually attributed to vascular diseases affecting the blood flow to the penis.
An estimated 70% of all men do not respond to the popular pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Some get a partial erection but it’s just not suitable for penetration or sexual activity. Many men can’t take the popular prescription pills at all because of miserable side effects or medical conditions that make doing so dangerous. This leaves only two other viable medical options, both of which are highly undesirable for obvious reasons. 1) An injection: sticking a long needle into the penis each time prior to sexual activity. This requires much skill and nerve and can produce a prolonged erection (priapism) which can cause an extremely dangerous medical emergency. 2) Surgical implantation of a penile prosthesis and pump in the scrotum to raise and lower the penis. This major surgery can result in serious complications and frequent failure.
Our clinically-proven SwissWave Protocol proudly offers patients “The Secret Drug Companies Don’t Want Anyone to Know About.” As you will see in our advertisements and on our website ( The SwissWave Protocol uses the newest, state-of-the-art, technology for the treatment of erectile dysfunction without the use of drugs, surgery or injections. That’s right, finally a treatment—that works—with no

surgery and no needles! Developed in Switzerland, the non-invasive medical device for the SwissWave Protocol has been cleared by the FDA for the repair of soft tissue and improved blood circulation using painless acoustic energy waves. Treatment is done in six short in-office sessions—usually twice a week for three weeks. Results are often seen after the first few treatments and there are no reported side-effects during, immediately following, or post-treatment. Please see our website for more extensive information including case studies that show how well it works. Extensive research and case studies demonstrate how and why this amazing treatment works so well for erectile dysfunction. Unlike other treatments, the SwissWave Protocol treats the real cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Following comprehensive clinical trials, low intensity acoustical wave therapy was officially accepted by the European Association of Urology (EAU) as the “Gold Standard for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.”
The Male Performance Medical Partnership team has over forty years’ collective experience consulting with the impotency marketplace and we’ve worked with thousands of physicians and medical professionals in this capacity. We’re proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. As exclusive distributors for the SwissWave Protocol and equipment we are now working with select entrepreneurs to manage highly lucrative local clinics as Non-Doctor Owner Operators.
For illustration purposes the following information applies to a small market which is open just two days a week treating a minimum of just 8 new patients per week:
To support just 8 new patients a week only two small rooms are necessary—one for administration and staffing and the other for exams and treatments. Low-cost office space is readily available and often shared or subleased from other healthcare offices. A medical building is not necessary. A regular office building is fine, as no invasive procedures are performed. A larger office, open four days per week with 3-4 rooms, would easily support a volume of 25 or more new patients per week.
A clinic needs one part-time physician who is usually hired through a specialized agency that provides doctors on an hourly basis for part-time assignments. Many of these doctors are older and semi-retired which is perfect for our demographic. We have long-standing relationships with several such agencies and can have a physician available in any market within 48 hours. Malpractice coverage for the doctor and the office is usually included in the agency’s fees. The physician performs a short, 10-minute, history-physical of each patient to determine suitability for treatment. A medical assistant is needed to work with the physician and administer the treatments. An office administrator manages the office and handles patient discharges and paperwork. This non-medical person could easily be the Owner Operator.

Patients are attracted through our proven, copyrighted and highly effective direct response marketing program utilizing newspaper, radio and television. The secret is knowing what works and what doesn’t and how to place the ads most effectively and economically. Local advertising agencies won’t have a clue how to do this which is why we highly recommend using our experienced and specialized direct response agencies. Together we have produced extremely successful results for all our clinics.
Each patient pays a $199 exam fee which includes a quick Doppler ultrasound test (to check the blood flow of the penis) and the short history-physical with the physician. If the patient purchases the treatment (most do) this exam fee is waived. The treatment consists
of six short ten-minute sessions done twice a week for three weeks. The cost is $3,997 if paid by cash/check/credit card or $4,697 if financed through one of several lenders we work with. While the majority of patients put it on a credit card, our special financing sources make treatment available to any patient regardless of their credit history. No insurance is accepted but a medical Superbill is given to each patient which they can submit to their insurance company for possible reimbursement or to apply to their deductible.
A small clinic doing minimal advertising generating just 8 new patients per week can still be extremely profitable. A larger clinic doing just 25 patients per week would have an incremental increase in profit. But let’s keep it small and very simple: 8 patients a week x $4k = $32k weekly gross, or $1.7 million per year. Yearly expenses figured on the high side for illustration purposes: • $250k-staff, including a part-time physician, medical assistant and office-discharge person, which could be the Owner Operator. • $50k-rent & overhead. • $150k-advertising • Total yearly expenses $450k. • $1.7 million gross less $450k expenses = $1.25 million net profit.
The local Non-Doctor Owner Operator will own 95% of the local clinic and Male Performance Medical Partnership (MPMP) owns the remaining 5%. The Owner Operator’s financial contribution for 95% ownership is $99,700 to MPMP. For this MPMP provides the SwissWave equipment and computer, the physician’s Doppler ultrasound and extensive intellectual property, included but not limited to all advertising materials, appointment, staff and discharge scripts, extensive clinic forms, the complete business operating system and the exclusive territory. As part of the intellectual property MPMP provides business introductions to its patient finance companies and part time physician staffing agencies, assistance in hiring staff and physicians, and a 2-day indoctrination session at MPMP’s prototype clinic in Las Vegas which the Non-Doctor Owner Operator and his staff can attend. MPMP provides additional on-going assistance at no cost. As its compensation

MPMP receives 5% of the net profit from the clinic, paid monthly. The Owner Operator will need an additional $25,000 or so for initial operating capital to get started. It’s important
to note that an existing specialized niche medical business typically sells very quickly and commands five times gross sales. A Non-Doctor Owner Operator could easily run a clinic for a couple of years and then sell for a considerable gain.
Your next step, after you review and study this letter and our website, is to call me, Steven Rafter, at
425-260-6420. We will let you know what areas are still available, answer your preliminary questions, and get to know you better to determine if there’s a fit. Not everyone is a fit and we only do business with people we think have what it takes to succeed. If, after the initial phone conversation, there seems to be a fit, we’ll arrange a confidential telephone conversation between the two of us as quickly as possible.

I thank you for your interest and look forward to talking to you very soon.
P.S. In my decades-long business career I’ve never seen a business as lucrative and satisfying as this one. You have no idea how motivated the men are that come into our clinic. Our baby-boomers and senior patients think nothing of driving 50-75 miles for the visit. It’s a fun, exciting and extremely rewarding business helping these men restore this vitally important part of their lives and get back the intimacy they so desperately desire.
Just two months ago a (young) 76-year-old patient came in. He had tears in his eyes as he told me his wife passed away about four years ago. At that point he thought his life was over. But time passed and remarkably, on Facebook of all places, he reconnected with his old high school sweetheart who had lost her husband. I don’t have to tell you the rest of the story! He told me he’d do anything in the world to satisfy this new love in his life. Well, he’s finished his treatment and is once again performing like he hasn’t in over 40-years! He just stopped by last week to say hello and give me a bear hug. I made another friend and joyfully watched as he walked out of the office with a new skip in his step and an obvious zest to enjoy the rest of his life.
Just thought you’d enjoy that story, there’s so many more just like it. Where else are the patients so passionate about the product, so aware of their own need, so willing to pay whatever it takes, and so grateful to you for helping which almost always leads to referrals—all while you are making an incredible profit? Let’s talk soon.

Please call Steven Rafter

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